Our Values

The corporate values of the Finami Group Ltd. Co. are in the business of creating good image and prestige for its shareholders through the quality products and services offered to its customers and partners.

Finami Group believes in the best ways of conduct in the International business being defined as an integral part of success by striving to always act responsibly with those who work for us and those that we work for.

Our core values remain as designated:

- Assurance to customers
- Growth in partnership
- Diligence in business
- Building of trust

Message from the CEO

Corporate growth is driven by globalization, free market economies, and increased global competition.

We understand how to grow a business and are focused on developing innovative strategies for our clients through Customer Research, Market Consulting, Growth Workshops, Market Research, Events, Corporate Training, Analyst Briefings, and Growth Partnership Services.

Finami Group Ltd. Co. Finland is a corporation organized and existing under the laws of Finland, with registration business number 2474842-7.

Finami Group Ltd. Co. has all legal licenses and clearances from the Republic of Finland in order to act as official trader (buyer / supplier) in all kind of products and derivatives, refining, distribution, importing, exporting and in all kind of chemicals, metals and wood products under the terms and conditions of International Chamber of Commerce ICC rules for International Trade, INCOTERM Edition 2010.

Our major trading operations are in Europe and Asia, with and through affiliated authorized companies, co-operators and strategic partners almost all around the World offering an experienced team, skilled in a disciplined, research- based approach of identifying and delivering profitable business opportunities.

As a worldwide product Supplier and provider, we are totally committed and responsible for the quality and quantity of the products that we are merchandize and our philosophy is to serve our customers simply, with safety and accuracy, at the best market price and under profitable conditions.

Whether you are a professional working within one of these spaces or looking to expand, we offer a unique set of reference in order to meet your needs.


Hamid Jamehdarian

C.E.O. & The Chairman of the board